An interactive game show...starring you!


Every month at a computer near you



Join us in a FREE interactive comedic trivia show where you can test your knowledge about all things scary. No need to worry, this won't be nearly as scary as Black Mirror or as graphic as Squid Game or as unfunny as a CBS sitcom.


Wouldn't learning science have been more fun if there were actual comedians in your class? And your teacher pitted students against one another and made them compete in games? And you could learn from the comfort of your bed?

We think so. That's why we created EXTRARIDICCULAR SCIENCE. It's the virtual game show where YOU compete with other audience members and our on-screen comedians!

Four rounds of trivia, one winner. Prizes vary.


This show will take place on online. Details to log on/access the show will be emailed in advance to only those who register on Eventbrite.

Audience members will have the opportunity to play along during the show using a website called Kahoot (it's free!). All you need is access to a web browser on your phone or computer during the show and quick fingers to answer questions! Instructions for logging on will occur during the comedy. Don't worry- it's very easy!

your hosts

Shannon Odell

Neuroscientist, Producer of Drunk Science in NYC, as seen on The Science Channel and Your Brain on Blank

Kasha Patel

Science journalist, producer of DC Science Comedy, as seen on The Weather Channel, NASA TV, and BBC World News

Kyle Marian

Former anthropologist, producer of The Symposium: Academic Stand-Up and Asians Strike Back: A Coronavirus Comedy & Science Show


Each show, we have a different special character to make the show even more fun!

Science + Comedy + Trivia

What more could you want?